How to Install Exodus for kodi – Updated 09/04/2017

    How to Install Exodus for kodi – Updated 09/04/2017

    Updated 09/04/2017 - v3.1.8

    Install guide-Exodus


    Updated – 09/04/2017 to version 3.1.8

    • Updated existing providers (satanuke)
    • Added and updated French providers
    • Added and updated German providers
    • Updated Polish providers
    • Added Blazingfast support
    • Remote old Debrid code
    • NOTE: You might have to reconfigure your Debrid service in URLResolver Settings


     Exodus developed by the now famous Lambda,  is the Leading add-on used by the Kodi Community. This is a Movie add-on running on Heisenberg’s  Meth, nothing comes close to it The Great thing about installing Exodus using “Add-on installer” is that once its installed it makes it extremely simple to install other Popular Add-on’s as well.

    step 1. Got to “System File Manager”



    Step 2 Click “Add Source”



    Step 3. Click on “None” and then enter the URL http://fusion.tvaddons.agand click “done”


    Step 4. Enter a name this can be anything i will call it “Fusion” and then click “Done”




    Step 5. Then Navigate to “System” > “Add-on’s” > “Install from zip file” > “Fusion” (Or whatever you decided to call it here.)



    Step 6. Once you have opened “Fusion” click “start-here” and then Click “ (x.x.x will change as new releases are deployed.)



    Step 7. Addon Installer will take a little bit of time to install and you will receive a notification in the bottom right hand corner of your Screen that “Add-on Installer has been successfully installed”



    Step 8. Navigate to “Programs”



    Step 9. Then “Addon Installer”



    Step 10. Then “Featured Addons” And then Click “Exodus” to Install it .

    As you can see here you have a array of the Best Addons available for Kodi here and you can install them with a simple “Click.” For any addon to be included in the Addon installer most especially “Featured Addons” it must have been around for a long time and will certainly  NOT be one of these Fly by Night Addons that will stop working after a couple of Days.”





    Step 11. Once Exodus has been installed you will get a Information Box saying it has been installed and just Click “Ok” to proceed.



    Step 12. Then navigate to “Videos” > “Add-ons”



    Step 13. Click “Exodus”



    Step 14. You will see “Movies” and “TVShows” Click any of those to Enter and start Streaming. This “Add-on” really is the real Deal. Exodus has a search option as well to search for Little know movies or your Old Favorites. Exodus has it all.






    Step 15. If you have a “Trakt” Account or “RealDebrid”, Exodus includes full support for them and many more.

    If you would like more info on ‘How to Set up Trakt’ check here.


    If you prefer to learn by Video, here is a great little tutorial by Ntfrost LDA who’s YouTube channel you can subscribe to here.

    A big thanks must go out to Lambda & the Exodus crew, without whose time & knowledge we would not have the access to the content that we do. Nice job, Best On Demand kodi Add-on out there.

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