How to Install the Echo Wizard for Kodi – Updated 22/02/2017

    How to Install the Echo Wizard for Kodi – Updated 22/02/2017

    EchoWizard - Updated 22/2/17 Step by Step Installation Guide for the Excellent EchoWizard - Including Fanriffic Themes xxxWizard & much more...


    Updated to V1.82 – 22/02/2017

    Hi guys, I thought today we could have a look at a really great Kodi Add-On called The Echo Wizard. This one is full of all types of Add-Ons from Video to IPTV to what has to be said is one of the best maintenance Sections currently available.

    • If you prefer to Install the echo wizard from zip file, here it is.

    The Sections within are as follows >

    • Latest News
    • Back Up/Restore
    • Echo Builds
    • Echo Installer(XXXtreme #AdultsOnly Add-On is Here)
    • Fanriffic Themes
    • Community Builds
    • Search Builds
    • Maintenance Tools
    • Extra’s-Fixes & Tweaks
    • Advanced Settings
    • Custom Keymaps
    • Speed Test
    • Latest Kodi Installation Files
    • Latest librtmp Files
    • Must have Kodi Programs & Tools
    • Kodi YouTube Channels
    • The Days Sports Listings
    • System Info
    • View Wizard change log
    • Wizard Settings
    • View Log Files
    • How to get Support
    • Open Support Tkt

    You can follow Echo for support or any Q & A’s hereOr You can also Follow Fanriffic Themes on Twitter here.

    1 > Ok, Firstly we want to head for System on the kodi home screen >


    2 > Now we want to head for File Manager >



    3 > Ok now let’s go for Add Source >


    4 . Now we want to look hit the None box >



    5 > Ok, now we want to enter the source url for the echo wizard, which is> & hit Done >


    6 > Ok, now we want to hit the lower box & enter a name for the source, I just left it as it was…repo, then hit Done again >



    7 >Right guys, now we want to head back to the home screen once again & head for System, once again >



    8 > Now head for Add-Ons >


    9 > Ok, now we want to hit Install from zip file >


    10 > Now we want to hit the echo wizard zip that we just put in & named repo >



    11 > Now we want to hit & hit Ok >




    12 > Ok now we want head for Install from repository >



    13 > now we want to hit Echo Repository >



    14 >Next we want to head for Program Add-Ons >


    15 > Ok, now we want to hit Echo Wizard >


    16 > Now we want to hit Install >


    17 >Wait for the Add-On Enabled Notification >



    18 > Ok, Now we can head back to the kodi home screen & hit Program Add-Ons>



    19 > Now head for the echo wizard, open it up >

    20 >Ok, now this is what you will see upon opening up the Add-On, The Echo Add-On Installer + a great Builds & Themes Section, with The Fanriffic Team in there, nice one Dave, good stuff >


    21 > Next down we have cool ‘maintenance’ Section, which encompasses fixes, tweaks + it really is a great maintenance section, on a par with any out there currently >


    22 > Next down we have a sweet little must have Section which is FULL FULL of all the Add-Ons you could possibly need. Android Apk Section is there also, which will come in handy for all the Droid boxers & Tablet user’s out there >


    And that’s about it guys, all round….a really Wizard, full of useful Add-Ons & stuff that’s constantly developing & moving forward. Nice work boys.

    If you prefer to learn via Youtube video…Here’s a great little one from Dragan Kajtez whos channel you can subscribe to here.

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