Update 8/12/2016

Please Try the zip file here as we are aware of issues currently effecting tis source url. I have tested this onedrive zip file & it is good, safe & contains exactly what it should, how long it is available is anyones guess, but we will keep you updated. The original source may well rehost the Add-On, hence I have left the original tutorial in place, to be updqated when a more stable source is available

Download the zip(above)

Install zip file

wait for Add_on Enabled Notification

Head back to Video Add-Ons & there she is…Cherry Pie 😉


Hi guys, Today we are going to show you how to Install the new Adult Add-On for your kodi set up called Cherry Pie. This one, as you would expect, full of xxx Adult content so please be aware, It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Sections are as follows-xxxLiveTv, xxxMovies, xxxVOD, PinoyXXX, Celeb xxxTapes, xxxMovies Beta, NewXrated2015, BadAss milfs & a 4K Section>

Ok… So Lets Begin,

1>Firstly Open up your Kodi & head for the home screen & hit FILE MANAGER>


Screenshot (2124)


2>Next head for ADD-SOURCE>


Screenshot (2125)


3>Now we want to hit NONE>


Screenshot (2126)


4>Now we want to enter our source url which is hit DONE>


Screenshot (2127)


5>Now we want to go to the Lower box & enter a name for the source, here i’ll use ‘toptutorials‘ & hit OK>

Screenshot (2129)


6>Now we want to head back to the home screen>


Screenshot (2130)


7>Now we want ADD-ONS>


Screenshot (2131)


8>Next we want to hit INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE>


Screenshot (2132)


9>Now we want to hit toptutorials>


Screenshot (2133)


10>Now we want to hit ADD-ONS>


Screenshot (2134)


11>Now we want to hit>


Screenshot (2135)


12>Now wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification>


Screenshot (2136)



CherryPie is Now Installed & Accessable through the Video Add-Ons as Usual.

This Repo is a goodun, full of all sorts & we’d like to thanks the Developers, who’s Time & Knowledge give us the access to all the streams that we are all so getting now.

Visit them on their Site Here.

A Big thx to MeacePeace for the header img, nice wk michel. Catch more of his stuff Here.

As always, I would advocate the use of a Vpn if you’re going to use media streaming services Or Torrent downloads.

A Vpn will not only mask your online I.D. but also encrypt all of your online traffic, preventing snoopers, hackers, govt agencies & your own ISP from spying on what your watching online.

Vpn’s can also enable you to hit sites & Appps that previously may have been unavailable due to geo-restrictions, & Unblock various sources making sure you hit the streams your looking for 1st time.


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