Hi Guys, Today we will bring you a step by step Install Tutorial for the brand New Sky Sports Video Add-On from the rather good Leopolds Repo. This one contains a ton of Sports content, mostly HD & a really good spread of different sports, all from the Sky Sports website.

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So, lets get this one Up & Running,


1>Open up your kodi home screen & head for SYSTEM, like this>


Screenshot (846)


2>Now we want to head for FILE MANAGER, like this>


Screenshot (847)


3>Now we want to ADD SOURCE, like this>


Screenshot (848)


4>Now we want to Hit NONE, like this>


Screenshot (849)


5>Now we want to enter the Fusion Source Url Exactly…here it is>http://fusion.tvaddons.ag...Now Hit DONE, like this>


Screenshot (943)


6>Now we want to Hit the lower box & Enter a name for the source, here we will use fusion...& Hit OK, like this>


Screenshot (945)


7>Now we want to head back to the home screen, & Hit SYSTEM, like this>




8>Now we want ADD-ONS, like this>




9>Now we want INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE, like this>




10>Now we want to Hit FUSION, like this>


Screenshot (946)


11>Now we want  XBMC-REPOS, like this>


Screenshot (3189) (Custom)


12 >Now hit ENGLISH>


Screenshot (3181) (Custom)


13 >Next we want respository leopold 3.0.0.zip >


Screenshot (3182) (Custom)


14 >Now wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification>


Screenshot (3183) (Custom)




Screenshot (3184) (Custom)


16 >Now we want LEOPOLDS ADD-ONS>


Screenshot (3185) (Custom)


17 >Now we want to hit VIDEO ADD-ONS>


Screenshot (3186) (Custom)


18 >Next hit SKY SPORTS VIDEO>


Screenshot (3187) (Custom)


19 >Ok now just hit INSTALL>


Screenshot (3188) (Custom)


20 >Just wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification once more>


Screenshot (3190) (Custom)


And that’s it guys. Sky Sports Video is now Installed & Ready to go.

All credits to the developers, without who we would not have access to the content that we do, nice one guys.

Access it through the Video Add-Ons as usual.

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As always, enjoy the tutorial & Pls Share;)




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