*Updated 02/01/2017

*Phoenix v3.2.0 Change Log

  • Updated indexers
  • Updated providers
  • Cosmetics

Today we will be showing you how to Install the Pheonix Add-On.

This really is a must have Add-On for any Kodi Set Up. Phoenix has gone through smany changes, with Woody, Vinman, and Rockcrusher moving on.

However, Phoenix is still strong with a good group of playlists…..One242415, Crusader, Cosmix, morepower, and more are still providing great content in the Kodi Phoenix add-on! And instead of just individual sections, there are now grouped sections for TV, sports, and new movies, popular sections for fans of the add-on.
Kodi Phoenix organizes some of the categories in the add-on, with separate sections for Phoenix TV, Sports, New Releases. Playlists from the content curators like One242415, Crusader88, TNPB still exist underneath that.

All in All, the add-on is oa must have…

Pheonix is included in the fusion repo, so this is where we will begin…

1>Open up your kodi & head for SYSTEM, like this>

Screenshot (846)

2>Now head for ADD-ONS, like this>

Screenshot (847)

3>Now we want to ADD-SOURCE, like this>

Screenshot (848)

4>Hit NONE, like this>

Screenshot (849)

5>Now we need to type in the fusion repo source URL, which is…http://fusion.tvaddons.ag & Hit DONE, like this>


6>Now Highlight the the lower box & give the source a name,here we’ll use Fusion, & Hit OK, like this>

Screenshot (871)

7>Now Head back to your home screen & once again head for SYSTEM, like this>

Screenshot (846)

8>Now head for ADD-ONS, like this>

Screenshot (853)

9>Now we want to INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE, like this>

Screenshot (854)

10>Hit Fusion, like this>

Screenshot (872)

11>Hit XBMC REPOS, like this>

Screenshot (873)

12>Hit ENGLISH, like this>

Screenshot (874)

13>Now scroll down & Hit REPOSITORY.XBMCHUB 1.06 ZIP, like this>(version number may change through updates)

Screenshot (875)

14>Wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification, like this>

Screenshot (876)

15>Now we want INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY, like this>

Screenshot (877)

16>Hit TVADDONS.ag Addon Repository, like this>

Screenshot (878)

17>Next Hit VIDEO ADD-ONS, like this>

Screenshot (879)

18>Next scroll down & Hit PHEONIX, like this>

Screenshot (880)

19>Hit INSTALL, like this>

Screenshot (881)

20>Now wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED NOTIFICATION, like this>

Screenshot (882)

That’s It, Job Done, Pheonix is in & ready to rock & roll. You can find it through your video Add-ons as usual.

Big shout out to the Pheonix crew, great work as ever guys.

Here’s a quick look at the menu layout & the various developers sections below.


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