Updated to  v 6.3.9


  • New section – NetTV. Loads of channels there but some could fail to play.Lots of alternative streams for same channel/quality.
  • Pv2/pv3 url fixed
  • you can catch Zem sports now within the Phoenix add-on too.


Today we are going to show you how to Install ZemTv from the Shani Repository, initially through the fusion repo. 

The ZemTv add-on by shani takes Pakistani news streams from ZemTV.com, which you may or may not find value in. It also contains a movie section focusing on international and Bollywood content. However, shani has done a great job to add a live sports section to the add-on

 It contains a load of pakistani & Indian content but also has a ton of great livesports channels including BtSports, SkySports, Bein Sport, ESPN, EuroSport. FoxSports, Setanta, UFC, NBA Network, ArenaSports, TSN Sports, Star Sports…as well as loads of  live tennis, live golf, live cricket, live Boxing, Rugby, horse racing & much more.

If you’re in the Uk 365 Sports within the Sports Section will require a Vpn as it’s geo-blocked.

So as previously mentioned we are going to begin by installing the fusion repository…

Lets Begin>

1>Open up your kodi home screen & head for SYSTEM, like this>


Screenshot (846)


2>Now we want to head for FILE MANAGER, like this>


Screenshot (847)


3>Now we want to ADD SOURCE, like this>


Screenshot (848)


4>Now we want to Hit NONE, like this>


Screenshot (849)


5>Now we want to enter the Fusion Source Url Exactly…here it is>http://fusion.tvaddons.ag...Now Hit DONE, like this>


Screenshot (943)


6>Now we want to Hit the lower box & Enter a name for the source, here we will use fusion...& Hit OK, like this>


Screenshot (945)


7>Now we want to head back to the home screen, & Hit SYSTEM, like this>




8>Now we want ADD-ONS, like this>




9>Now we want INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE, like this>




10>Now we want to Hit FUSION, like this>


Screenshot (946)


11>Now we want  XBMC-REPOS, like this>


Screenshot (933)


12>Next we want INTERNATIONAL, like this>


Screenshot (934)


13>Now we want to scroll down & Hit PAKISTANI-REPOSITORY.shani-2.8.ZIP, like this>


Screenshot (935)


15>Next we need to wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification, like this>


Screenshot (936)


16>Next we want to head for INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY, like this>


Screenshot (937)


17>Now we want to head for SHANIS ADD-ON REPOSITORY, like this>


Screenshot (938)


18>Now head for VIDEO ADD-ONS, like this>


Screenshot (939)


19>Next we want to Hit ZEMTV, like this>


Screenshot (940)


20>Now we want to Hit INSTALL, like this>


Screenshot (941)


21>Now wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED Notification, like this>


Screenshot (942)

That’s It, Job Done…

ZemTv is now Installed & ready to rock & roll. You can access it through the video add-ons as usual. Here’s a quick look at the home menu>


Screenshot (948)


If you prefer to learn via YouTube, here is a great tutorial from Video Maker, who’s channel you can subscribe to here.



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As a kodi user I recommend the use of a Vpn to not only mask your Identity Online, but to also unblock certain sites & Apps that may be geo-restricted.

If you prefer Reliability to Free, check out our friends over at PITV, who have a great set up, 450 channels & most importantly it works all the time & evertime…even on a server congested saturday afternoon.

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial & Pls Share;)


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