Home Featured How to Install Exodus for kodi – Updated 30/6/2017

    How to Install Exodus for kodi – Updated 30/6/2017

    Updated 09/04/2017 - v3.1.8

    How to Install Exodus for Kodi – 30/6/2017

    Hi guys, with the recent ups & downs, misreporting of locations of repositories etc etc, Exodus has been missed by many on their Kodi set ups. 

    But fear not, here we have a working version, updating from the great Smash repo, as it wasn’t a few days ago.
    Anyway, seems good now & it is installing & seems to be functioning quite nicely again, so IF you have been missing Exodus…here it is.
    You can grab the zip file here, but we do recommend installing through you’re file manager to ensure you do get the updates.



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