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The internet today can be a very unsafe place for the unsuspecting. Your IP address can be publicly monitored, and can be accessed by unscrupulous people . Even now, as you read this, or if you are communicating with anyone, whether the contents be confidential business information, or private information about yourself, it is very possible for someone to intercept your communications and searches if you’re not on a secure network. Using SASVPN and our SmartVPN Technology you can prevent this, and keep your privacy intact, and your personal information secure.


Using Wifi hotspots has become very dangerous. When you use a wifi hotspot, your connection is unencrypted and is accessible by anyone else using that server. This can mean that anyone can patch into that server to see your personal information, and this is a commonly used tactic to gain passwords to your email, your social media sites, and even your bank account. This can be prevented by using a SmartVPN, which will place you in an encrypted server, one that no one else will be able to access.


We give a particular importance to your privacy. No information that can be used to identify you is stored on our network and we take all possible precautions to re-enforce your anonymity. You can for example decide to pay your subscription using Bitcoins for more privacy.




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SasVPN is here to help provide solutions to your Online data security problems, & offer you peace of mind on your Online data privacy.Our mission is to provide the best solution for you, to ensure your data traffic remains secure at all times,away from the prying eyes of snoopers & hackers.


SasVPN protects your Privacy and prevents your ISP and others from logging and spying on your activities.

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